HANGCHA electric forklift X70-L

Motor Electric
Explosion-proof No
Forklift accessories Sideshift, Fork spreader, Non-marking tyres (white), Fingertip control, Cabin, Extra comfort seat, Blue/red spot
Capacity (kg) 7000
Drive-through height (mm) 2565
Lifting height maximum (mm) 6500
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Product description

The new A4W1.0 - 7 ton series LITHIUM from HANGCHA combines safety, comfort and reliability.

The driver's position is designed to offer the user more comfort and a newly designed ergonomics. The driving position is improved, the levers require no connection effort, the suspension seat allows you to work comfortably, the smaller steering wheel requires fewer bends and the parking brake requires no physical effort.

A new exterior design method is used to form a stylish and elegant exterior with streamlined curved surfaces and smooth ethereal lines.

The innovative two-door structure with one door, respectively, on the left and right sides of the forklift easily facilitates the maintenance of the motor, oil pump and electric control of the forklift and enables good resistance to dust and water.

High speed, high efficiency
A high-power oil pump motor and a large-displacement silent pump are used to significantly improve the lifting speed. An 8t vehicle, for example, can have its maximum full-load lifting speed increased to 300mm/s.

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