ATTACK wheel loader - type 810

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Capacity (kg) max: 1750
Lifting height maximum (mm) max: 3728
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Product description

Powerful and quiet

Compact and efficient

Reliable and easy

Safety and durable

Ecological and economical

The Attack multifunction wheel loader is with compact structure, smart design, excellent material which make it possess the characteristics of high strength, long service life, low maintenance costs and many other features through advanced processing means. The wheel loader is an ideal product which can be used for material loading and unloading, short-distance transportation, if being installed with various of attachments, it can play more advantages of its multifunction fully, widely used in farm, ranch, infrastructure, road construction as well as stations, docks and other operating conditions.


Safety driver protection guard

The driver protection guard has put through the ROPS testing, satisfies all the protect request of the driver under all working condition. It can shelter the driver and prevent the injuries effectively. The folding or removable protection guard, make the loader be able to pass the lower door or channel.


High performance environmental protection engine
Adopt the latest series KUBOTA engine, high power, low emissions and high fuel economy, creating additional value for clients; complemented by dedicated air filters, shock absorbers and exhaust muffler systems, building up a more comfortable driving environment


Hydrostatic transmission system
The high quality plunger pump and dual hydraulic cycloid motors constitute the closed return hydrostatic transmission system, keep high efficiency of the engine in very wide output rotation speed. The characteristic of the hydrostatic transmission system have the limitless speed change, fast speed change, change the travel direction quickly, start gently, etc. It's very precious performance for the wheel loader which need start and change the speed frequently.


Advanced man-machine engineering design
The man-machine engineering design can satisfy the entire drive comfortable request from the drivers. It includes: Easy study control system, the seat and direction column which can adjust as driver's figure and weight, multi-function control handle, good front and back view and so on. All of these can cause you to complete the day work in happy mood.


Rapid change of variety attachments
The wheel loader can be installed with various of attachments according to users' requirements, which improves the working efficiency, reduces the labor intensity, the operation is safer and more reliable. The hydraulic system introduces foreign advanced sealing technology; make sure the quick change of the attachment.


High strength working device, Super high lifting height
The precise design makes the compact structure working device with low outline, super high lifting height and strong anti-torsion force, at the same time, guarantees the bucket maintain horizontal during entire lifting, which are safeguards that the machine can safely and accurately load heavier goods.

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