HANGCHA A series medium level order picker - CJD10-AC1-M1

Extra Standing platform
Machine type Order picker
Staat Nieuw
Capacity (kg) max: 1000
Drive-through height (mm) max: 2310
Lifting height maximum (mm) max: 3000
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Product description

A series medium level order picker offers the highest picking performance in the high-rack warehouse. Both design concepts are optimised for their respective application. The truck is designed to guarantee the operator’s safety when driving, lifting and order picking, it with 1000 kg load capacity and C2 model order picking heights can reach up to 6100 mm (lift height+1600mm) in narrow aisles. Thanks to its easy maintenance, downtime is reduced.

High Performance: The AC driving motor features excellent acceleration performance, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission, and is brushless, and maintenance-free.

Comfort:Lifting and lowering speed can be regulated in proportion to control accuracy.

Safety: Side barriers with detecting switch are provided at both sides, and the truck works only when barriers are all lowered.

Travel speed and lifting speed are interlinked, with lower travel speed as lifting height increases, also with lower acceleration.

The safety pedal must be treaded down to enable other operations, improve safety greatly.

The travel speed will slow down automatically at turns, guarantees stability and safety.

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